Housesitting so far

Two months in and we’re getting to grips with the housesitting scene. It’s not unlike internet dating, but thankfully without the awkward brush-offs

New adventures, new blog!

Teresa here. Yep, I talked Tim into travel blogging, although I definitely did not bribe him with the likes of this fresh-baked apple cinnamon loaf –> A longer term house sit means there’s ample time to stock and re-stock the pantry, and while I’m not (yet) working there’s plenty of time to dust off my…

Where are all the trees?

Hiking is Scotland is NOT like hiking in New Zealand. The wind won’t blow you away here but the sudden changes can have you running for cover. Oh… and who stole all the trees?

Hello world!

Oh god, another blog! Officially blog# 465,8376,474,784 hits the internet today. This is it people! Our take on the world of adventure housesitting, unemployment, writing and 1000 ways-to-pat-cats