Hello world!

Hello, bonjour, welcome!

Here we are on our first blog post. Teresa (Canadian) has been on to me, Tim (Kiwi), about starting a blog since we arrived in bonnie Scotland.

“A blog, lets start a blog” etc etc.

wee bonnie Scotland
wee bonnie Scotland

I ask myself the questions, “Why have a blog?” Isn’t the last thing the world needs is another blog, another set of ramblings from people you don’t know very well. More pictures of people on holiday having a far better time than you. Blah!

For me anyway, it’s about making some sort of record of where we are at. Where we are living. What we are doing with our lives at this point of time. It’s something I can look back on, have a laugh or cry at, look back on and remember the interesting crazy things we got up to during 2015.

I used to keep diaries when I was a teenager. Looking back on them a few years back I have to say that they are pretty droll reading. “Went down the shops”, “Watched TV program”, “Ate new type of food”. Thank goodness they were never made public, saving the world from eternal boredom. I hope now, 30 odd years on from those diaries, I’ve learnt to write a bit better. At least I have Teresa to inject some craziness, when required.

This year Teresa and I have moved to the UK to have an adventure. We have a bit of money saved but not a fortune, and we’re trying our hand at house-sitting. Free accommodation makes a huge difference to your budget. We can (hopefully…all good so far…not yet begging) spend our time getting to know some new places, get out of the daily grind, have the time to think and work independently and see where this takes us. There’s no real plan. We don’t have set destinations. We’re open to whoever kindly accepts us into their home.

Us in Winnipeg, Canada, 2014
Us in Winnipeg, Canada, 2014

So onward with the blog, and the adventure!

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