New adventures, new blog!

Apple Cinnamon bread
Apple cinnamon loaf, yum!

Teresa here. Yep, I talked Tim into travel blogging, although I definitely did not bribe him with the likes of this fresh-baked apple cinnamon loaf –>

A longer term house sit means there’s ample time to stock and re-stock the pantry, and while I’m not (yet) working there’s plenty of time to dust off my baking skills. There’s nothing like fresh loaf with your mid-morning coffee, although I’m still trying to master the skill of not burning myself on the oven.

That said, I have lined up one week’s worth of work. Victory! It’s through a temp agency, so I hope that a short spell at a local business’ reception desk will lead to further short-term gigs while we’re in Glasgow.

Lest you think it’s all serious stuff, we’re having fun attending Meetup events, where get get to meet people and experience art galleries, pubs, and other locales that we might not of our own accord.  We have yet to see any live music, but I hope that will come soon. In the meantime, I love to ramble around town, discovering buildings, venues, history, and of course, locals. As soon as I’ve worked out the photo editing software on this new computer (primitive a program as it is; thanks, Microsoft!), I’ll upload a few snaps and a few stories. I’ll try to make sure they’re not all pictures of the rain, too, although it has been raining a lot since we’ve been here. There will be summer, right?


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