Housesitting so far

A quick summary of our house sitting life so far.

red dots 'R' us
red dots ‘R’ us

London (complete): 3 weeks, late March to mid April

Glasgow (current) : 3 months, mid April to late July

Surrey (booked in) : 2 weeks, late July to early August

Yorkshire Dales (booked in): 5 weeks, early August to mid September

A map showing the general craziness….we don’t even have a car yet….how do we get to these places….it’s on the grand master plan!

Here’s messages we’ve sent so far, from the main site we use – (names deleted for privacy)

click on pic for bigger
click on pic for bigger

I chose the colour coding system because it was getting hard to keep track of where each application was at.

Yellow ones = are an email we have sent, but not yet heard back from.

Orange = we’ve heard back from and they are considering us – along with others.

Grey = ones who have replied and chosen someone else.

Green = they accepted us and we’re booked in!

It’s all a great learning experience. There’s tricks to the trade that you discover over time, and after rejections!

We are using one other housesitting web site (, from which we picked up our current gig in Glasgow, plus a 5 week gig in the Yorkshire Dales starting in late August.

The site shown above (trustedhousesitters) has easily the most listings, but also the greatest competition from other sitters.

We were the bridesmaids for a 3 month job in Liverpool over Christmas and NY. That would have been a great job to have in the bag. We even had a 30 minute phone conversation with her. She chose the others because they had more doggie experience than us. We’ve learnt from that experience with pets and photo’s of you actually with pets really helps your cause. We have three photos of us but none of them show any pets.

So mission for the week is to grab random pets in the street and take photos!

Like anything internet based, it’s easy for people to be lazy and ignore you. Frustrating? Yes. But luckily there are new housesits hit the market every day here.

p.s late news…we are in discussion for a 2 week gig in Bath! Looking after 2 cute little dogs and a nice looking house. It starts straight after the Yorkshire Dales job


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