It’s still raining!

Here’s a nod to some of the local venues and eateries we’ve lately sampled, and a welcome to Tim’s new guitar

Local pub roundup! Bearsden edition

A look at the local pub scene near our current digs in Bearsden, Scotland.

Perils and Pitfalls of Car Buying

Having been in our current housesit now for about 7 weeks (5 weeks to go), we’ve started to get itchy feet to see some sights further afield. We’ve been getting about on foot, by bus and train (see Teresa’s earlier post here),¬†and while reasonably efficient once you’re on it, the system is not very well…

A return to writing

So one of the things I’ve set myself as a project to do here in Glasgow is to have a crack at writing. I really haven’t done any writing for years. Funny… English was easily my best subject in high school and the one that interested me the most. For some reason the interest waned…

My epic adventures with Glasgow Transit

Here’s an observation about Glasgow that I think most would be hard-pressed to take issue with: The transit system is baffling at best, labyrinthine and often infuriating most other times. There are multiple operators in the city. By this I mean, of course, that there are different services. In our neighborhood we have access to…