and onward we travel….

Turns out we won’t be in Glasgow quite as long as we had anticipated. The owners are coming home two weeks early, for what reason we don’t know. Getting this message via Facebook while we are out for the evening, initially draws some shock, before survival instincts kick in and we start to plan how to fill a homeless void before our next, booked house sit commences.

Our setup for the next four months is actually well planned out. After we leave Glasgow in (originally planned) late July, we make our way back down to England where we have a two week house sit in Chiddingfold, Surrey. This one’s for a family going to France for their summer holidays. One of the places that I’m keen to see in Chiddingfold is the Crown Inn, reputed to be one of the oldest Inns in England, established in 1285. The local area is also at least half forested, meaning there will be some great walks nearby, with plenty of wildlife. Yay!

Echo and the Bunnymen

After Surrey we are making our way back up the country to a five week job in Bingley, a market town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Here we have a detached house to mind, that comes with a small dog and one cat.  Bingley is quite handy as it lies not far west of Leeds, with train services that run directly to Leeds, a city we are keen to explore more. Apparently, and Teresa will be pretty thrilled about this, Bingley hosts the Bingley Music Live Festival while we are there. “The ethos of the event is to present high quality music at an affordable price and give a platform for local bands from across West Yorkshire to a large audience” . One of the bands to perform here in recent years was Echo and the Bunnymen, a great group who were in their formative years back in the 1980’s. It would be awesome to see them again!

After that we’re headed south again, this time stopping off in historic Bath for two weeks. I’ve been to Bath a couple of times already, but never felt that I’d really discovered the place properly as I’ve only passed through. We have two weeks here this time, so that should be enough time to find out what the locals really love about it, and to see plenty more than just the historic Roman baths. In Bath we have a beautiful home to look after, not far from the centre of town, with one wee doggie in residence. We were to look after two small dogs here, but sadly one has passed away since we were accepted for the housesit.

The final confirmed booking at this stage is another two week job, this time in the city of Portsmouth on the English south coast. So for this one we are back in a big city!  Can you can hear Teresa cheering? Apparently Portsmouth has a greater population density than London! More cheering from the sidelines. I’m fairly certain that my father received his World War Two navel training in Portsmouth, so there will be lots of interesting history for me to catch up on there. The city is also very close to the Isle of Wight, an island off the south coast where many of my grandmother’s family (The Mundells) originated.

UK Map
Map by Tim, created with MS Paint

Hard to get a handle on all this? Here’s a wee picture to help you out!

Thankfully we’ve managed to buy a car in the last few weeks, which means we can forego agonisingly long bus journeys up and down the country. The car came about through a very fortunate friend connection, who contacted me on Facebook and asked if I was interested in buying a car, which she was bringing back to the UK from Belgium. The timing couldn’t have been better!

You might see that we are trying to stay as far south as possible in anticipation of the English winter!

In late news, to tie us over between when we leave Glasgow next week and when we head south to Chiddingfold, we’ve manged to pick up a nice wee housesit in Leith, just for four days. Leith is really close to Edinburgh and that city will be starting to buzz with the upcoming festival period. The flat looks amazing, colourful, spacious, right in the heart of the district, and comes with a very determined looking ginger cat called…Boris.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Not to mention that I had to pass on two weeks of temp work that finally just came in :(.


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