Summer Festival – Staycation

I’ve heard that Brits do a good summer festival. We were lucky to have one of these festivals turn up during our stay in Surrey.

Godalming is a cute and well preserved village, about 15 minutes drive from our housesit in Chidingfold. Wonky buildings, cobbled streets, low entranceways, and oddly dressed and eccentric locals were out in force here. At the same time it’s still Surrey – the money and breeding was evident in cars, clothes and conversations.

The Godalming Music festival is an annual event. Thankfully they were gifted with a sunny and warm day for the event. I was a bit concerned that, because it was such a nice day, the place would be heaving. People might come from all over Surrey for this, perhaps. Luckily I was wrong. There were plenty of people there, but still enough room or everyone to get a spot on the grass by the bandstand.

breakin out the shades at the Goldalming Festival

This event was really well planned and had lots to keep you occupied. Teresa enjoyed a blast with the hoola hoops – well actually, she blew everyone else off the park with her skills here. A new talent discovered!

kids struggling to keep up with T skills


There was plenty of food to keep your tum tum happy…


and of course…music!



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