2015. It wouldn’t be the same without…

Let’s end 2015 with a quick list.

Things I’m grateful for in this past year:

  • a partner who challenged me to think and question outside my typical understanding.
  • the bravery to give up one way of life for something completely different, something challenging and quite scary, something with a lot of unknowns, something new
  • the kindest of strangers, allowing us to care for their homes and their pets, without much if any introduction, or formality
  • the comfort of animals we’ve looked after, and their companionship. Dogs for their loyalty and energy, cats for their quirkiness and funny habits. Oh, and fish for their ability to create a miniature world of fascination and hours of serenity
  • friends from around the world, for keeping in touch and commenting on my  often banal Facebook posts
  • extra special friends who answered our calls for assistance when we needed it
  • Skype and other technologies for enabling the above
  • the motor car, for taking us thousands of miles up and down the United Kingdom
  • my parents, both now passed on, but whose UK heritage enabled me to come and live here, without restriction, when others risk their lives to do so.
  • those employed in the healthcare industry. They often work long hours and sometimes appear to get little thanks and recognition. Spending four nights and five days in hospital, having surgery and going through the aftercare, made me appreciate these people who spend their daily lives caring for others.
  • my own body and the wonderment of how it manages to repair itself so quickly after damage or sickness.
  • the crappy things that happened. They taught me that I had resilience, the skills to fix or correct something broken, the ability to see a shitty situation as something temporary and provide a valuable learning experience.
  • cities we visited including Glasgow, London, Leeds and Bristol for their vibrancy, mixture of cultures, independent stores, and peaceful green space when you needed a break
  • the UK countryside for its ability to transport you away from the bustle of the city and into much needed calmness and space to collect ones thoughts and feelings

A few pics from our Uk travels in 2015

New Image


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