As the English summer drew to a close, we said goodbye to Surrey and the south of England, in preparation for a journey northward to Yorkshire. On the way we managed to get in a few days with our good friends Ed and Katie, who live in a small village just outside of Leeds. Our…

Hello, the South…

A quick catch up! Northwards, eastwards, but ultimately southwards. We’ve headed down to the leafy south to enjoy some well needed sunshine and some very old English pubs

Bye bye Glasgow

So we’ve moved on from Glasgow, with four days in Edinburgh before we move south for our next house sit. It seems an appropriate time to summarise how the city felt, in my three months there.

and onward we travel….

Turns out we won’t be in Glasgow quite as long as we had anticipated. The owners are coming home two weeks early, for what reason we don’t know. Getting this message via Facebook, while we are out for the evening, initially draws some shock, before survival instincts kick in and we start to plan how to fill a homeless void before our next, booked house sit commences.