Sleeping around

One of the challenges that comes with housesitting and moving around so often, is the variety and level of comfort one gets from sleeping in strangers beds

A year in transition

We look back on our radio blog-silence, reflecting on a demanding year behind us and the promise of what lies ahead.

2015. It wouldn’t be the same without…

Let’s end 2015 with a quick list. Things I’m grateful for in this past year: a partner who challenged me to think and question outside my typical understanding. the bravery to give up one way of life for something completely different, something challenging and quite scary, something with a lot of unknowns, something new the…

Housesitting so far

Two months in and we’re getting to grips with the housesitting scene. It’s not unlike internet dating, but thankfully without the awkward brush-offs

Hello world!

Oh god, another blog! Officially blog# 465,8376,474,784 hits the internet today. This is it people! Our take on the world of adventure housesitting, unemployment, writing and 1000 ways-to-pat-cats