A Paean to the mall at Elephant & Castle

A celebration of a beleaguered south London mall, and vestige of 1960s social and architectural ideas.


Bristol Christmas redux (or, the perils of budget travel)

We visit Bristol for the second time, and learn why the cheapest travel options aren’t always best.

2015. It wouldn’t be the same without…

Let’s end 2015 with a quick list. Things I’m grateful for in this past year: a partner who challenged me to think and question outside my typical understanding. the bravery to give up one way of life for something completely different, something challenging and quite scary, something with a lot of unknowns, something new the…

Milton Keynes – city in the forest

Having decided to leave Yorkshire earlier than planned, we had two weeks to fill, before our house sit in Bath was due to commence. Teresa is a mastermind in these situations. Basically, the trickier the job, the easier it seems for her to handle it! We got onto the housesitting web sites and stumbled upon…

Where are all the trees?

Hiking is Scotland is NOT like hiking in New Zealand. The wind won’t blow you away here but the sudden changes can have you running for cover. Oh… and who stole all the trees?