What is house sitting?

House sitting is an arrangement where someone lives in your home to look after it and any pets while you are away. The sitter takes on a mutually-agreed duty of care, which usually includes keeping trespassers away, basic home maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep, light gardening, mail management, and pet care. We provide this service free of charge. 

You mean people just let you stay in their house while they’re away?

Yes: An empty home is an easy target for thieves and vandals, so having someone live in adds security. It is sometimes a condition of home insurance that the property not sit empty for more than a certain period of time.

We also look after pets, which allows them to remain at home and in their usual routine. Frequently we care for rescue cats, who would be too nervous to endure boarding. We’re able to give them the space or attention they need in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Plus this saves the cost of a cattery or kennel.

What if something goes wrong?

We believe that open and honest communication is the cornerstone to a successful sit, and that your comfort and peace of mind is paramount. We’re happy to be in touch as often (or not) as you like, and can provide you with updates about your home and pets in words, photos, or by Skype.

However, if something goes awry or really isn’t working, we’ll be upfront and honest about it, and will always work toward mutually agreeable solutions. We respect the great degree of trust homeowners place in us, so we approach our role with integrity.

Note: We do not take liability events outside of our control (eg. break-ins, burst pipes, etc). We’ll do everything in our power to resolve these issues should they occur, but please be sure you have correct insurance coverage for your home.

Who are you?

We are Teresa and Tim, a Canadian / Kiwi couple who relocated to the UK in March, 2015. We’ve been house sitting ever since.

Teresa is from Canada, and has a strong passion for music, history, culture, and people, and loves the city. She works in Culture & Engagement at one of London’s universities. Ever the adventurer, she took a working holiday to New Zealand in 2013, and there met Tim at a musicians’ group.

Tim is from New Zealand, where he worked as property valuer for 18 years. He works in London as a chartered surveyor, and still helps run a musicians’ group. While house-sitting, he wrote a book and website about Wellington’s property market, My Wellington Place.

Why are you doing this house-sitting thing?

It’s interesting and fun, and lets us explore new places. When we arrived in the UK we thought it’d be a great way to see the country – and it has been! There’s no better way to immerse in the culture and spirit of the place than living as a local. Now we are focused on London and surrounds, and it’s no less interesting or diverse!

How do I know you’re legit?

We’re registered publicly at two major house sitting websites, Housesitters UK and Trusted Housesitters where you can view our profiles and our track record of successful sits, alongside testimonials.

We can provide proof of clean criminal records, are non-smokers, and do not travel with any children or pets.

Are you going to have wild parties in my house while I’m away?

We respect your level of comfort: it’s your home, and you should have peace of mind while you’re away. Some homeowners are happy for us to have friends over for dinner, some are open to a weekend stay. This is something we’re happy to discuss on an individual basis.

Note: We can’t recall ever having thrown a wild party.

What’s your ideal house sit?

We are presently focused on London-area sits, or within commuting distance, and ideally for at least a month’s time. This allows us to get into a routine, and to get to know the area a bit. We are open to long-term engagements, and occasionally look to shorter stays farther afield when ready for our own holiday.

We work during the daytime, and regret that we cannot mind dogs at this time. We love cats, though so these are always a good fit for us! We’ve also cared for birds and fish.

I’m curious to know more. How can I make an enquiry? Is there any obligation?

We would love to hear from you, and there is no obligation. We’re happy to discuss your needs and preferences to see if there’s a fit. Reach us:

  • Call Tim on 07469 853 534
  • Email timglstokes at gmail dot com
  • Leave us a message via the form below: