About Us

Hello! We are Teresa and Tim, a highly experienced, trustworthy house sitting couple. We’ve successfully completed 20 house sits over the last two years, and have cared for numerous pets including many from rescue backgrounds. We are cat specialists!

Now based in London, we welcome enquiries about long-term sits within commuting distance of the city.

Originally from Canada and New Zealand respectively, we met while Teresa was in Wellington, New Zealand, on a working holiday in 2013.

we didn’t actually cook all this

Our first house sit was in New Zealand in 2014, in Lyttelton, outside of Christchurch. It was a brilliant 10 days in a magnificent setting. We were quickly hooked on the idea.

We moved to the UK in March, 2015. We are able to live and work without restriction as our parents were born here, but we weren’t sure where at first where we might like to settle. We decided house sitting would be a great way to see the country from the perspective of locals living a normal life, rather than tourists enjoying selected sites.

Our travels have been amazing and varied. We’ve seen cities and countryside, all manner of housing styles and ages, various gardens, and of course, many beloved pets with their unique personalities. We’ve found that we especially love cats, but have enjoyed looking after dogs and fish as well (and a friend’s chickens, who mistook the stitching on Tim’s shoe for seeds and rather henpecked him).

Bertha quite enjoyed pecking at Tim’s shoe

We have seen amazing places on our journey, but are currently focused on house sitting in London or commuting distance; even adventurers have to earn an income.

We are both professional people who have extensive experience caring for own own and other people’s homes and pets.

We’d be delighted to talk about looking after yours!

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