Retropost – The Gap

After a successful 12 month run at housesitting, we suddenly hit a dry period. How did we cope as self-imposed homeless people, without even a temporary home?

Housesitting – a few tips for beginners

House and pet sitting means moving around, a lot.  It’s probably not the lifestyle for those of you out there who enjoy a slow paced and predictable routine. But if you’re not fazed by the thought of packing all your belongings and moving every few weeks to an entirely different location, then read on! Scheduling…

Retropost: West Byfleet

It was late March 2016, almost a year since our UK housesitting adventures began. We had just spent 3 idyllic months on South London, but it was time to move again and face fresh challenges.

Travelling light

One hundred CDs, four hundred books, 5 different kitchen tools to stir your soup. It’s a human condition to collect and fill our houses with things. How do we cope, given that we move so often? An insight into the housesitters wardrobe.

heigh-ho, heigh-ho

Working in London takes a certain resolve. You’re stuffing 4 million people into trains and buses and stuffing is literally what happens most mornings on the busiest of routes.

Sleeping around

One of the challenges that comes with housesitting and moving around so often, is the variety and level of comfort one gets from sleeping in strangers beds

Retropost: School Day

This is a Retropost – looking back on earlier housesitting adventures. January, 2016 Going along to a school as anything other than a student was a frightening concept. As a student you’re just one of the masses, blending in. It’s an entirely different concept being the teacher. Everyone’s looking at you. You’re running the show….